Clinical Trial Unit

At the clinical trial unit of Forum South in Lund all kinds of clinical studies are being performed. We have 10 test beds that can be used for studies running day and night. Our clients range from big pharmaceutical to small biotech companies and academic groups.

The clinical trial unit is part of Clinical Studies Sweden – Forum South. It is located at Skåne University Hospital in Lund. Clinical trials have been conducted at this unit ever since its opening in the 1980’s.

The clinical trial unit looks like an ordinary ward at the hospital, but it contains additional equipment such as centrifuges, temperature-controlled refrigerators and freezers. Our experienced GCP-trained personnel work on both the planning and the hands-on execution of clinical trials.

Phase I and other kinds of studies

Clinical drug development trials in phase I-IV, non-interventional studies and clinical investigations of medical devices can all be executed at the the clinical trial unit, which has been approved by the Swedish Medical Product Agency (MPA) for performance of First-In-Human studies. Our capabilities allow studies to be performed 24 hours a day with continuous:

  • medical surveillance
  • telemetry monitoring of patient heart rhythm
  • access to emergency crash teams and intensive care
  • access to accredited hospital laboratories

Our services

For clinical studies in healthy volunteers and patients we can assist with any of the following:

  • Recruitment
    (database of approx. 1 500 subjects for studies in healthy volunteers)
  • Study information and consent
  • Medical (physical) examination
  • Pharmaceutical drug administration or other treatment
  • Blood (urine) sampling
  • Follow-up assessment visits

For studies actually performed at the clinical trial unit, the following services may also be provided:

  • Study protocol development by advisory reviews
  • Development of information and informed consent form
  • Ethical approval applications
  • Study report reviews

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us for more information.