Country/Early Feasibility

Clinical Studies Sweden offers life science companies and academic researchers help to determine whether a clinical study can be delivered in Sweden. The Country/Early Feasibility service is a nationally coordinated process that offers single-point access to healthcare in Sweden for feasibilities, as well as rapid national dissemination and prompt delivery of feasibility assessments. The Country/Early Feasibility service also provides an indication of a study’s compatibility with standards of care in Sweden, as well as overall feedback on study design. In addition, subsequent work is facilitated as contributing investigators/clinicians can express interest in participating in the study.

A standardized questionnaire, Early Feedback Form, is used to determine the feasibility. Please attach a summary/synopsis of the study protocol, with sufficient information to allow the investigators to answer the questions in the Early Feedback Form.

Company-specific Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) will not be set up at this stage. You can make reference to the confidentiality legislation governing health and medical care, see the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF) statment on confidentiality in relation to public agencies according to SFS 2009:400 and a temple for a standard text for reference.

Please submit your Country/Early Feasibility to Clinical Studies Sweden, stating ”Country/Early Feasibility” in the subject line. The feasibility will be distributed to the network of experienced investigators within Swedish healthcare, and Clinical Studies Sweden will send you the assessment as soon as possible. If needed, we may ask for additional information or clarification related to the feasibility before it is sent to the investigators. Please contact Clinical Studies Sweden if you have questions.

Clinical Studies Sweden is a collaboration between Sweden’s six healthcare
regions, funded and supported by the Swedish Research Council. The
collaboration aims to simplify and develop the work of clinical studies.


Site Feasibility

Do you need help to identify participating clinics/investigators for a clinical study? The Site Feasibility service offered by Clinical Studies Sweden identifies clinics able to perform a clinical study. Learn more.