Yrkes- och miljödermatologisk avdelning
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Several of the co-workers at the department of occupational and environmental dermatology (YMDA) are active academically, at Lund University.

The most recently published articles can be found on the University research portal. There you can also find information about the researchers and about current research projects in the field of occupational and environmental dermatology. In the research portal you will find articles dating back to 1994.

The figure below shows an update of all our research projects. All of the projects consist of several studies, often ongoing simultaneously. The PhD-projects are marked according to the description below the figure. For an augmented picture, click on the figure. In 2018 two students connected to our department defended their theses. Dr. Ewa Young based her thesis on contact allergy to the black hair dye substance paraphenylenediamine (PPD). Her dissertation covers both basic knowledge regarding the chemical process in hair dying and studies to increase knowledge on how hairdressers optimally protect themselves. The dentist Liv Kroona presented her thesis in 2018, with a collaboration between the dental university in Malmö and YMDA. In her dissertation she studied carvone, a flavouring agent present in many toothpastes that can cause contact allergy. In her dissertation she showed the importance of patients with contact allergy to carvone avoiding the allergen. The results of the research at YMDA have been presented both nationally and internationally.

YMDA forskningsprojekt

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